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ostrich fan
If you want special product on your order please contact with us email
The delivery time is from 4 working days to 30 working days (depending on the complexity and amount of the contract)

You can see examples of fan types can be found in the section “OSTRICH FANS”

We also costumes for dance burlesque stage and entire sets of styling.

For our clients orders are always priced individually. When asking for a quote and lead time, please tell us:

  • How many fans you want,
  • Should fans be one or two-layered or individual design,
  • What colors feathers (can be mixed),
  • Fan of right or left hand,
  • Will you need an invoice,
  • Which delivery country.


For our costumers the fans are carefully made so that their design meets all the requirements during the dance and shows.

Feather fans in the standard are folded. It is possible to make fans with stabilizers. Stabilizers ensure a constant spread during dance moves.

Fans are built with 12 plaques (the number of plaques can be increased or reduced at the customer’s request). The length of the fan in the standard is:

  • single-layer fan with ostrich feathers – 65cm, span over 120cm
  • double-layer fan with ostrich feathers – 75cm, over 130cm

The frames are covered with natural feathers of any length and color. For our customers, we choose the best quality feathers.

Each product made by us is covered by a 2-year warranty.

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